Syncto is a bridge service that let you interract with the Firefox Sync infrastructure using Kinto clients such as Kinto.js or Kinto.py.


Is Syncto secure?

Syncto caches encrypted credentials for five minutes for a given BrowserID assertion.

In addition all the data coming from Firefox Sync are encrypted and Syncto will never have access to the encryption key (only final clients have).

By default Syncto is a read-only proxy, to enable write permissions for some collection, it has to be configured explicitely. (history/password/tabs/etc.)

Is it web scale?

Syncto is simply a proxy that relies on the Firefox Sync infrastructure.

Syncto doesn’t even necessarily need a shared cache between its nodes.

Also it is better that nodes from the same loadbalancer uses the same cache or that client are always affected to the same one with regards to their Authorization header.

What is Cliquet? What is the difference between Cliquet, Syncto and Kinto ?

Cliquet is a toolkit for designing micro-services. Kinto and Syncto are servers built using that toolkit.

Syncto uses the same protocol as Kinto does to name and interract with collection records. This enable developers to use Kinto clients to fetch Firefox Sync collection records.

I am seeing an Exception error, what’s wrong?

Have a look at the Troubleshooting section to see what to do.